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    Baby care

    With the birth of each child mothers have many questions on the care of the newborn by month. And rightly so! After all, the child's health from the conception up to the age of reason is completely dependent on their parents. Being in your tummy, the child was under heavy guard placenta, which protects it from viruses and infections.

    Baby care

    Hygienic care of the newborn child - this is where should now start your day. After the first few months your baby will be an intense period of adaptation to the environment, and daily hygiene to help the child overcome his painful.

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Once we carried

To it never allowed to show at least the slightest gesture discontent.It grew the obedient girl who was afraid and hated the people possessing though any power, and did not respect own opinion and feelings.The timid child, not able to speak no and afraid to give vent to the emotions, will turn sooner or later into the timid adult incapable adequately to express the anger.Once we carried out supervision over pupils of the second class during occupations.We noticed, how two boys leaned the elbows about a school desk of one very timid girl which drew at this time something.

That a high

Therefore everybodygets under cruel wheels of its malicious irony, a delicate sneer.In an arsenal of ironic style of communication the main tool the thin sneer always stated in a benevolent form.And actually, in nature of influence on soul of the pupil it is the concealed mockery.And such person learned to use skillfully of.All means of ironic style of communication of the teacher are subordinated to one to make pupils it is better.That a high and noble purpose.And the teacher aspires to make it as soon as possible.To reeducate or change negative traits of character.To show and, to achieve success seen by everythin to confirm itself in pedagogical collective.

Realize, how often

Besides sisters, brothers and books there are also other potential rivals of children in fight for parental attention.The TV, a morning paper or phone become them often.Realize, how often you refuse to the child attention.Try to reduce to a minimum time which you see off in a separation from the child and always warn him about when you can pay it the attention.All parents working full time know, what even minute of warm and attentive communication with the child is much more important than the whole day spent near it but when you are loaded by affairs quality is more important than quantity.

Harmony property

Then it is possible to say that it develops normally.Harmoniously.Here we also answered the first question.KOGDAZHE REBYONOKDELAYET BREAKTHROUGHWe not casually paid your attention to harmony.Harmony property of manmade and natural subjects, processes, the phenomena etc.Literally it reflects a fortress of couplin coordination of their elements in the uniform integrity intended for achievement of the expedient purpose.Opposite to harmony disharmony, a collision, disproportion of subjects and the phenomena.To put it briefly, this such condition of a subject when it already is not present, it is destroyed to a condition reminding chaos.

In tnost, it is necessary

Ridiculously, bark to console the child, to learn it to shake the fist or to any other subject or to beat on them if it about them hit.Everything that can awaken or aggravate bone, it is necessary to clean from a field of vision of children.In tnost, it is necessary to forbid any cruel games with animals.It is impossible to predict, what will angrily cause to children councils or examples of egoism similar to the following Bothered me to give.All this is vain.These sad statements cause in the child who has heard them burdensome feeling which he hardly will forget.

The so correctly

Difference only in experience.In experience of the solution of tasks, in dexterity.Here advantage of the teacher obviously.And only thanks to this cooperation not study and collaboration!.Professor Andrey Pavlovsky saw the task water to teach the young man to learn, solve problems.The so correctly made cutter .Knowledge, skills with which us loaded at school, flew by us.Knowledge, the skills acquired as a cure of tasks, becomes memory of a body the psychomotility tool on all life.So the talented teacher arrived with Mikhail.And as other professors of university worked, it is possible to guess only.

Only sometimes

The nature will be agrees only all our forces and properties revealed.And it is not important, whether will be it significant or insignificant the stvo, bad or good, – to all are the place.If I, being the person imperious, false and lazy, with all the qualities I aspire to unity, I give to any of them even to the worst and low pry to balance and the correct form of selfexpression.And it miracle!After all in each of us there are desires to violence, murder and to informing.Only sometimes we realize it, but usually we at all do not wish to think of it, – and it is explainable.And to us it is necessary to see actually that, directing to unity, we we come to balance, that at each such motivation there was a certain satisfaction.

Though also

Then we talked about rules which it inadvertently broke, and I gave it five dollars.Next time I will watch it to a postugly face! The expert in development of children Jean Piaget calls this period for years of concrete operational thinking.Though also it is difficult to boy to operate with abstract and hypothetical concepts, it already starts to understand and put into practice simple logic operations, using them in concrete a situation for the solution of the problems arising in his life.It understands requirements and values of people which he wants in something to convince or to which tries to help better, he is interested in their opinion.


But a question why all exactly so, instead of differently, never came to me mind.I did not doubt at all neither correctness of the jungle, nor that chose a true Place for the searches.However the truth found me filling with this wood, a plant and animals, Indians and their surroundin did not mean, as to me was thought in the beginning that I automatically found the answer, the decision for myself personally.Everything was not so simple.Besides I would like some spinach, orange juice and simply rest more and more, and I was ashamed of the weakness a little.I tested awe of the huge fair wood.My feelings did not change and now.When time came to leave the jungle, I already 'Thought of the return.

When your occupations

But thus should be .that the aspiration to win it did not become for the child the purpose.When your occupations will end, do not refuse fixation of results, and replace The table of achievements on victories it you can from the Appendix that Page Offer the child game.It will be builds the lock.Each book independently read by it one brick .Read the book painted over a brick.They can be numbered, and then the number of the read books will be visible not only by number of the painted blocks, but also on figures.

And it is even

In the same way both parents should participate in distribution of duties among children.Especially it is important when all main homework is carried out by mother as the father for days on end vanishes on work.In such situation the child has an impression that the father almost does nothing houses or absolutely nothing does, but only watches football on the TV and reads newspapers.And it is even better, if all of you carry out together housework.At first carry out these or those duties in common, and then gradually completely charge their performance to children.Whatever duties as a result you charged to children and whatever method of their performance chose, remember the main rule be realistic in the requirements.

It is necessary

Even children and adults , wholly received experience of proximity necessary for them to mother in infancy, with great pleasure touch each other, sitting next, having a rest in one hammock or combing each other hair.It is necessary for us to break this taboo and to realize need of the person for calming physical contact.Our unsatisfied expectations in infancy do need for physical contact immeasurably to more insistent, than it is usually peculiar to children and the adults who have not been deprived of infantile experience.

If he asks, we will

If he asks, we will tell to it that masturbation this poglazhivaniye of a penis causing pleasant feelings that it is normal, but to be engaged in it it is necessary alone with itself.If we casually find it behind this occupation, we can apologize before it for invasion, and then calm him, having told that it is not necessary to hesitate of it that it is normal and that we know, what pleasure delivers it.The only thing that in masturbation can be bad, so this sense of guilt which the boy tests if he thinks that is engaged in something dirty, shameful and dissolute.

Zaryana and Nina

For example, give to the child an option.You will be a borsch or a beet supchik Buckwheat cereal to you with milk or with oil In essence, it a choice without a choice, but the fighter that does not know about it! School students are tired of the lessons, the closed stuffy room, a lack of movement and fresh air.As a result of such overloads their appetite gets off also.Other children, having returned from school, snatch on food and knead literally everythin others, on the contrary, absolutely food refuse.Both options of health do not improve.Zaryana and Nina Nekrasova.What to do, if.It is possible to offer at first to the person useful fruit andor vegetable .

M It is possible

m It is possible to certain age, while the boy of threefour years will not start to study at men.and.But in what the role of the woman with uchetoday consistsvolume of what it is close to the nature And as we will mention whether a subject of education of teenage girls as us to teach them to cope with this task and to give understanding of their role in the world, that they felt, what it is their natural functionm At early age there is no big difference of boundaries du boys and girls.It is necessary to watch only, that they did not study one from others, as behavior malchi it should be formed among boys and on an example male tutors, and at girls – on the contrary.

Working leafWhat

If you are rather sure of yourselves, can pogoto cook with school students how they estimate yours povedescientific research institute and the relation to them from the point of view of education samostoyatelnost.Working leafWhat should be the good teacherReflect, please, over the following statement Ho the roshy teacher teaches pupils so that to give the chance to themto do without the teacher.What, in your opinion, means this statementWhether you agree with this statement WhyWhat for you education meansYou faced what experience of dependence and independence inown education stillWho from your teachers most of all helped you to reach optimalny ratio between dependence and independenceHow it made itIf you were necessary to train in you teenagers, as thoughapproached to this business Call not less than three educationalis more whole, which would move youWhy to the majority of teachers and parents it is so difficult to a messageitself according to the statement provided aboveFEEDBACKVopelPurposesThis exercise gives the chance to teenagers vyska to the teacher the leader of group critical the deputy the chaniye and estimated judgments to share impressionsabout it.

And the hostess, using

And he endures pleasure from work.And the hostess, using the repaired crane, speaks It is done with loving care.And all why The master has own criterion feeling of harmony.For it not only the purpose is important.The purpose for it only an occasion, but not result.More important pleasure from work.And if he does the part well the excellent result will come in itself.To make a stool or to repair a water tap this craft.What convenient or beautiful was not a stool, it is not necessary to say that it a creativity product.

But for a while; that

The reason in it is even from diligently a violent smile Denial denialthe mood can rise.But for a while; that inside, all the same will move.We become angry often, both we take offense often, and we are irritated, and we are angry, the truth At children the same, to it too life throws up such situations when they simply fly into a rage and do not know how to return back, And here we splash out this bad mood nervous tension in a family, at each other more often.We suggest you to try to act in a different way not to hide the mood, and to win back it.

SPb. Questions

To convince

To convince children and adults to run on all fours quite simply if it is really necessary for them, but to return the grownup child or completely created adult to experience manual period it is already problematic.To the small children who have not received experience in infancy, it can be extremely useful to sit simply on a lap at parents or at somebody else at any opportunity and to sleep with them in one bed.Probably, soon enough they will receive everything that it is required to them, and will want to sleep in a separate bed, in the same way, as though they slept in a bed with parents since the birth.

And our timid

Control the central concept for the parents, got used to bring up children in severity.And our timid students grow with feelings of fear and concern of that they can lose control or, on the contrary, will be excessively compelled to supervise a situation.Object of discipline is the person, instead of a situation.And very often the reason of this or that act consists in behavior of other people or in the character of a situation.For example, such case one girl complained to mother of the five years' son that her soft, timid child allegedly hit it for no reason at all.

How you guessed

And why you hum It works my motor.And you mice do not eat the little mouse asked.Never! Than you eat Gasoline.Hurrah! the little mouse cried means, you not a cat! Certainly not, I.You guessed, who it was Child.Car car.Adult.How you guessed Answer.Correctly, you learned parts of the car, and when them mentally connected everything together, the car turned out.And at us with you too there are parts of a body.Let's play in game I will call parts of a body, and you will show them at yourself.

Are inherent

Besides, at school it disturbs the process of training.Speaking more simply, the teacher, capable to supervise a class, inspires to the pupils feeling of confidence and tranquillity.whether.Are inherent in the teacher of fit of angerProbably, first to you will seem that the teacher of your child very much even is reserved, but absolutely another in actual fact can become clear.We knew the teacher whom, having put school desks in a class around in case the pupil started to speak without demand and out of turn, pulled out it in the middle and subjected to the attacks.Reached before that the same teacher started to rush chairs through all class when someone from pupils, in her opinion, behaved badly.

And the child

That is already regulates the mental conditions.It begins capable to separate from the actions, to estimate them.So and to define, what exactly does not suffice to it, in what it needs food, actions, game, communicationWith development of thinking effective the imagination ability to abstract from an environment starts to work.In imagination there are ways of satisfaction of the requirements.And the child very much tries to satisfy them own forces.And time it independently carries out actions and states them an assessment, in his consciousness already there was an idea of several mental conditions.

But it is possible

It is the first step from obligatory dependence in the past to some freedom there is a possibility to counteract that is not his body.There is the second, it is possible to tell, opening.I Itself!What has happened Arose an image of the body ; an image of environment a world picture.But it is possible to tell about a picture of the world only conditionally because it not only is mosaic, but also there is as though in a framework a pleasant unpleasant.The kid already knows it to the pleasant lasts, unpleasant avoids.

He is already

The humour of the adolescent gains vigilance.He is already capable to feel and understand ennobled in limited, small in great, considerable in ridiculous and imperfect.That is it already starts to carry out the calling to open as it and it is necessary to the real revolutionary gravity and relevancy, value of that many adults considered ridiculous and petty.Our humorist laughs.But laughter its special it has rules of the game.Laughin it does not separate itselfhimself from the ridiculous.

That is behaved

And subsequently finds way out of the most difficult situations in which adults ran into despair, operated immorally, destroyed surrounding and each other.That is behaved unworthy.And it independently guessed before it is necessary to behave and operate.This opening synthesized by events of the drama a pleasure and pleasure source.And who does not rejoice from a victory over by itselfImitation tragic and comicIt too exists in life.He can be observed.But in the concentrated look the same events deduced on a maximum of possible for the human relations, an indispensable condition of a drama genre tragedies.

Public reprimands

And to do it always it is necessary in a private situation.Public reprimands and shame which is tested by the child when to it in public do the remark, often cause return reaction so you cannot achieve from it necessary behavior but only aggravate his shyness and shyness.Investigating influence of spontaneous punishment to which at schools some teachers subject the guilty pupils, we carried out supervision over pupils from five classes on two persons from each class for five months.It were socalled uncontrollable children whom teachers continually abused before all class.

For this reason

Asking the child, the tutor should with attention to treat any of these possibilities, as, insisting more necessary, it is possible to put it to confess in things, which it never did not make.For this reason you should be able always chat subjective and objective lie.When, having investigated the error reasons, you will find out that it is a question of the real lie, to you it will be necessary to look for its motives.On them depends stub of weight of lie, and also means, with which here you arelies to use, that the boy was corrected.

But at some

I remember, how, having passed final examinations at school, I carried out the whole summer houses, practically without leaving the room.Like the myth that shyness passes sooner or later by itself, there is one more myth according to which youthful eels too by itself somewhere disappear over time.Sometimes they really pass.But at some people the ugrevy illness never comes to an end, all life creating an array of problems.However irrespective of, whether will pass spots over time or not, at teenage age they cause to sensitive and timid children a lot of grief.Skin problems for a minute do not leave you, because skin constantly itches and burns, and surrounding people will constantly ask you silly questions and to give a useless advice on fight against spots.


Kids should not compete to adults who render them all necessary help.Everything who communicates with the baby men, women, children instinctively play a role of mother for it is the unique role suitable for care of the child in the first months of life.The child does not distinguish a floor or age of the one who carries out function of mother.Has no value who plays a role of the father or mother the man or the woman.It was confirmed with experiment in one French clinic for the insane.The female doctors acted as fathers in relation to the patients while the male medical brothers daily looked after patients and was perceived by them as mothers.

He is ready

And despite resistance, try to reach the.Who does not understand a noble purpose of the revolutionary, that does everything to tame and strangle these rushes, to bring it to the general with itselfhimself to a denominator.So was at all times and around the world.Thinking the most strength of soul of the Revolutionary.Stop for a minute and remember, that to you cost its questions.And for what in everyone salt of a task which it will decide, maybe, all life And as though it was happy, if to him explained that to what, prompted a way to truth, good and beauty.He is ready to seize a task if only it is a little of it to encourage.And to it load with knowledge memory which till this time was especially capacious and powerful, and now only that is realized and endured there can get and consequently is apprehended by soul as own acquisition.

When the kid of the house

It is the most sad option.When the kid of the house eats badly, and in another's places is normal, business here not in the gotoff appetite and at all in children's harm.Pay attention the biggest refusals and whims with food arise usually at your presence, in a house situation, at you And you, of course, sharply react to it worry, ask, worry, persuade, demand, insist etc., etc.And also it is necessary to the kid of it you worry care! about it, you notice it, you pay to it close attention.Probably, in the rest of the time just this attention also does not suffice to it.Probably, in all rest of the time he does not feel in the center of your interests.

And the student

It should take part in seminars, to insist on consultations of heads, to address for council, to go to an office of teaching structure in working hours, to ask necessary questions and to express the opinion on this or that question.And the student should show heightened interest in a subject, asking to provide it an additional material besides the basic on purpose to be allocated as the serious student, a worthy rank of the researcher.But many students do everything on the contrary they do not participate in seminars, because there they should speak, participate publicly in discussion, express the opinion, make comments on statements of others.They avoid seminars because at them not enough experience in an exchange of opinions in the course of conversation.

And that

Then seen it is necessary to discuss only, poskol everyone saw and felt in own way and people, and them on maintaining.Such discussion will be live and interesting.And that today children learn at school Dry material, which they not feel.and.You speak about excursions which should rethe benka to teach something.After all can be and simply excursions, in which children remain passive and at all uchastvu in the events.We see today, how there are a lot of problems in behavior it is shown in excursions.Youth schiit is thawed by the most problem guests in any place, as they disturb, rustle, often them does not interest at all, that to them show and explain.

He fixedly

He looks for to itselfhimself the leader whom he would respect, and standards of behavior suitable.Secret societies and rituals become for it the extremely important element of life, it shakes to depth of soul if parents or other people do not hold the word.He fixedly watches parents and is ready to point instantly to any discrepancy meanwhile that we speak and that we do.He demands from us, as well as from itselfhimself, indispensable observance of norms and rules.Any hypocritical statement demanding from it observance of ethical standards which ourselves do not adhere, perturbs the boy and causes the rough indignation amplifying in boyhood.

Then the child

The adult does the same.Then the child compares traces of palms foot also learns the.Occupation THAT it is PLEASANT to YOU The sheet of paper, felttip pens be required.Occupation course The adult takes rather big sheet of paper.Warehouses vy, divides it into some parts.In each of the received small squares cells he draws subjects which calls rebenok.Their subject is defined in advance for example, darling food, toys etc When all small squares are filled, drawings are considered.The adult asks the child why it likes it.Occupation BELOVED IGRUSHKA Occupation course The adult asks the child to choose a favourite toy and races to tell, why it is pleasant to it.


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